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How to design library spine label?

Handy Library manager includes several predefined spine label templates. Just purchase the labels at your local office store or online, and you are ready to print.

You can quickly design your spine labels. This topic explains how easy it is to design new spine labels.

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design spine labels in handy library software

In the Main Library Catalog window check the Display Each Copy (1) option. With this option checked you have access to all item data fields (main item data and copy data). Click on the Labels (2) and select New Label.

library software, print spine labels window

The Print Labels window always starts with 3 preselected data fields (1).

Click the Red Arrow (2) button to unselect the fields.

design spine labels, select CALL data field

In our library catalog the spine information is stored in the CALL data field (copy information).

Select CALL in the All Fields box and click the Green Arrow (1) button to include CALL in the Included Fields box.

Click Quick Preview (2).

design spine labels select label type

How to select the new label type?

The label type selected is not a good choice for the spine label.

On the Label Type tab open Label List (1). Select a new label. In this sample we selected Demco 48 Spine.

Click Quick Preview to review the label type selection.

Note: If you already have labels and they are not predefined in our list you can create custom label.

design spine labels new line option

How to use the Space New Line (1) option?

When you enter spine value into the CALL (DEWEY, or LCC) data field try to separate parts of information with SPACE. The space value will let you display pieces of data in separate lines.

For example, this value:
013 .31 MER Vol.1
you could display on the spine in the following form:

design spine labels font size

How to change spine label left/right and top/bottom margins, font type, font style, and font size?

On the Body tab enter Left and Top margins. Click Change Font and select font type, style, and size (1).

Click Quick Preview (2) to verify changes.

Click Save Labels (3) to save the design for future use.


Question: I plan on using the CALL field that is automatically populated. I notice that some of the call numbers have a space after the decimal point. Will this cause it to add a line on the label?

Answer: In the Print Labels, Space - New Line option defines if the space will be replace by a new line.

Question: Now for the software administrator questions. Can I define the format of the spine labels myself? Can different sections of the library have different formats for spine labels? (non-fiction should have the Dewey call number, while the fiction will not.)

Answer: You can define many spine label formats.

How can I print the label with field1 & " " & field2?
Dewey + " " + Location
How can I mass update a constant value to a field?

Question: I am setting our financial university library, trying to make spine labels for our collection of books and the Spine Label option isn't available to be selected once I go into Print All Records. Plus all the other options I see in your FAQ website diagram contains so many other options that aren't available to me. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: You cannot define spine labels in the print wizard window. Try to create your spine labels in the Print Label window. To learn how to do that, you can load our predefined templates and review our settings.

Question: How do you add the field "call" to the field options for the labels? It is visible in the main library fields, but does not show up in the field list for the labels.
Answer: review display mode, you have to be in the library copies view mode. In this mode you will have access to all fields.

I want a software system that will print dewey spine lables and create dewey based card catelogues. Does yours do that? I can't find it in the demo. If not, why not. It would seem basic to any real small library that is a library and not just a collection of books and CDs that was going to be checked out and searched by more than just one person. You catalog your library items. If the data includes Dewey information, you can have it on your spine labels. You can try using our auto-cataloging feature and select the Library of Congress as the search source. Search results from the Library of Congress included Dewey's value.

Question: Font size on spine label; How do I increase font size? I want to use first three letters of author's name for our spine labels.

Answer: Include the first three letters in the CALL data field. Then, in the Print Labels window, define font size and margins on the Body page.

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