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How to design library member id card with Handy Library Manager?

Handy Library manager includes several predefined member id card templates. Just purchase the labels at your local office store or online, and you are ready to print.

If you do not want to use predefined template you can create a new one. This topic explains how easy it is to design new library member ID cards.

design library member id card

In the Borrowers window click on the Labels and select New Labels.

design member id, select data fields

Select NAME in the All Fields box and click the Green Arrow button to include it in the Included Fields box. Repeat this procedure with BARCODE, TYPE, PICTURE data fields.

In our example the following fields are selected: borrower name, barcode, borrower type, and picture.

design member id, define picture width

In the Included Fields box click PICTURE, enter the width value into the Picture Width box.

design member id, define barcode

Click the Barcode tab.

Select the Barcode Data Field, select the Barcode Type (use CODE 39), enter the Barcode Height.

Click Quick Preview or Preview Labels to review the final result.

Review our simple ID cards that you can print from our software (student ID cards, library member ID cards, school ID cards, office ID cards/tags, borrower ID cards/tags).

Question: Could you please send me information on how to create and design library cards for the patrons?

Answer: Please follow the design library cards steps.

Question: I have added several new borrowers to my database. I need to print Library card labels. I want to print them all on the same sheet of labels but I do not see a way to do that (I can either print them one at a time or the whole database). I see when you want to print barcode labels for books, there is an option to print those added that day. Does the same option exist for printing from the borrower's database?

Answer: You can use the same method to display new borrowers and print labels.

Question: We would like to use a credit card-ish style ID card for our residents. Would this work? Can you refer me to any samples of what others are using or can be used with your system?

Answer: Our system lets you print simple id cards. To have professional borrower cards, I suggest checking the local printing company. You can print library cards in advance with barcodes.

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