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How to print labels from the selected record?

To display the records in the order they were entered, sort them by date (DATE_ENTERED). Your most recent record will be displayed at the bottom of the table. After identifying the records you wish to print, select the starting one, choose the label template, and opt for the print range "From Current". This will enable you to print labels solely for the newly-added items.

  • In the library table make sure that the Display Each Copy (1) option is selected.
  • Click the Sort Button(2).

  • Select DATE_ADDED in the Select Field (1) box.
  • Click Add to Sort Fields (2).
  • Click OK (3).
  • Optionally you can insert DATE_ADDED data field into the grid and then click on the column header to sort by this field.

  • If DATE_ADDED data field is listed on the grid you can click on the column header (1) to sort by this field.
  • Click the Last Record Button (2) to move to the end of the table.
  • Click on the record from which you would like to start printing (3).

  • Select the predefined barcode label from the Labels list.

  • In the Record section select From Current (1).
  • Click Preview Labels (2).

  • The print preview displays 7 labels. The program will print only 7 labels.

We have entered the books and printed some of the labels last month and I need to print the rest of my books barcode labels and I can not find the instructions on how to print by date, all I see is entered today.
I am having issues with the printing of the labels. We got our first batch printed last month and all is well but now I'm trying to print the rest of the labels but when I go into preview print its showing the ones I already printed.

Answer: Sort your library items by the ID data field. Select the starting record. In the Print Label window, select the From Current option. You can also review how to print library labels for recently added records.

When I try to print several labels from a particular location at the end of my catalog, and choose print from this record forward, it still prints labels for the entire catalog even though I am on the first record that I want to print.

Answer: In the Print Labels window, there is the Quick Preview section. This section offers a review of the report layout. To speed up the display, the records included in the Quick Preview are from the beginning of the database. Click on the Preview Labels button to check the content of the actual label report.

How to Print selected barcodes. Say I added and printed barcodes and then on the same day find that I need to print more barcodes. How do I print the new say 50 barcodes of 3 different kinds of books without printing the previously printed barcodes?

Answer: Sort your library items by ID data field, equivalent to the data entry order. Select the starting record; in the print labels window, select "From Current". Click Preview Report to check if the correct records are included on the label report. You can also review how to use DATE_ADDED data field.

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