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Review spine label samples.

Spine label sample with multiple field selection:

  • CALL data field includes the following data: 414 MER;
  • VOLUME data field includes information: vol.1 A-G;
  • CATEGORY data field includes: Reference
  • The spine label will display: CATEGORY, CALL, VOLUME, and CATEGORY.

For better readability we want to separate CATEGORY from CALL and VOLUME. In this case the SPACE is inserted into the Included Fields box. It defines empty line. The SPACE is listed at the end of all data fields in the All Fields box.

design spine labels, multiple fields included

The spine label should be read from top to bottom. The top row should define the area in the library where the item is placed (Reference). The second row contains additional information about the location of the item in the library (Dewey: 413, Dictionaries). Additional rows may provide more information about the location or about the item (Volume information).

Question: We are looking into different Library systems for our small elementary school. Our teachers need the Lexile information on the book spine. Is it possible for the Lexile number to be printed on the label?

Answer: On your spine labels you can include data that is entered into our library system. When designing the label you can select the field that contains reading program values and it will be included on the spine label.

Question: I am testing free trial of Handy Library Manager. Thanks for your job, We may purchase yours soon, but I want to know that when I add new items, in the field, the Call is generated by Author name's first 3 letters automatically. But, how to modify call No? As I wish, It would be shown (ID no, Category, author's name, Place, Level), for the spine label printings.

Answer: In the Included Fields box select the following data fields: ID, Category, Author, Place, Level.

Question: What I would love to end up with are spine labels that look like examples below: For a child's fiction book ...

ABC (three letters of author name)
WELL (name of library)
For an adult non-fiction book ...

652 (three digits of Dewey)
ABC (three letters of Author)
WELL (name of library)
Can I somehow tell it to only print the first three digits of Dewey?
Or should I put all the info I want in one field or separate fields so it prints on different lines?

Answer: 1. Enter spine information into separate data fields, for example: CATEGORY (children), TYPE (Fiction), CALL (3 letters, Dewey, or 3 letters + Dewey), CUSTOM1 (library name); include all data fields in your spine label
2. Method one: enter all information into one data field, pieces of text should be separated by space (it will display every word in separate lines); include this data field in your spine label.

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