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Library Help, Main Index
Main Window
   home page, modify
   include library logo
Auto-Catalog, Import
   isbn catalging
   importing, copy/paste
   marc import
   move items
   move status
   things to know
   free import
   export data
Add Data
   add one item
   add copy
   add many copies
   enter barcodes
   duplicate copy
Circulations, In/Out
   checking in
   checking out
   check in/out lookup
   checking, lookup/search
   barcode not found
   customize receipt
Manage Loans
   loans management
   loans database
   old loans
   delete loans
   send emails
   email setting, gmail
Library Items
   main catalog
   new items table
   old/lost items table
   search, advanced search
   barcode search, print label
   items catalogued today
   advanced search, sql
   searching, replacing
   search, sql commands
   view book, view tab
   maximum number
Library Patrons
   library patrons
   new patrons table
   old patrons table
   suspended status
   expiry date membership
Print Reports
   overdue items
   predefined reports
   reports, save with view
   reference category report
   last month loans
   biography in subjects
   detailed list by title
   circulation history by item
Print Labels
   barcode labels
   print new items only
   print recently added
   spine labels
   design spine label
   spine labels, samples
   print one spine label
   randomly select, print
   index/catalog card
   print from current
   define custom label
   print markers
   print to PDF
   set alignment, PDF files
   new label temlates
   page sizes
   labels cross referernce
   spine labels, landscape
   label suppliers
   spine labels, ready-to-use
   barcode labels, PDF files
library labels, use with handy manager
   library labels, 30, av-5066, use with handy manager
   library labels 30, av 5160, use with handy manager
   library labels 20, av 5161, use with handy manager
   library labels 14, av 5162, use with handy manager
   library labels 10, av 5163, use with handy manager
   library labels 80, av 5167, use with handy manager
   library labels (av 5195), use with handy manager
   library labels (av 6577), use with handy manager
   library labels (av 5160), use with handy manager
   library labels (av 5195), use with handy manager
   library labels (demco), use with handy manager
   library labels (demco), use with handy manager
   library labels (cards), use with handy manager
   res. management
   how to reserve
   verify borrower/item res.
   check out reserved item
   future reservations, bookings
   email print notices
   print reports
   delete reservations
   fines management
   how to turn on
Options, Customize
   general options
   check in/out options
   loan rules
   fine, future fines
   email server options
   additional modules
   cover image
   change field names
   listboxes, dropdown lists
   predefined lists
   edit category list
   rule, checkout not allowed
   set user id and password
   barcode length
   define add/edit forms
   databases, field names/positions
Add-Ons, OPAC
   search module
   free web search
   desplay on the desktop
Backup, Maintanance
   backup library
   restore databases
   restore library folder
   restore a file sent by email
   create a new library
   change library name
   delete library
   empty library databases
   inventory control, audit
   reset library ids
   synchronize loans
   install library template
Custom Views
   save a view
   views assistant
   ready-to-use views
   times checked out
   copies per title
   never loaned out items
   loans by year, month
   cost of not returned items
   loans per borrower
Kits, Baskets
   use kits, on/off
   kit inventory
   create new kit
   add items to a kit
   check kit out, in
   create new kit
Network, Cloud
   library cloud, library server
   transfer from pro to handy
Special Libraries
   digital, paper documents
   metadata configuration
   document search module
   database management, limits
   free service, support
   dvd, video library
   library FAQ
   unicode, languages
Reading Programs
   rename fields
   customize form
   reading program labels
   group by reading level report
   advanced search sample
   barcode scanners
   library labels
   printers, computers
Library Latest News
   news, 2018-04
   news, 2018-03
   news, 2018-02
   news, 2018-01
   news, 2017-12
   news, 2017-11
   news, 2017-09
   news, 2017-07
   news, 2017-03
   news, 2017-02
beginner, learn the basics
compare library solutions
library ask question form
how to upgrade


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